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4 Roles in a Successful Schedule Management System

Project managers can improve project success by clearly defining roles and responsibilities on a project, including these 4 roles for schedule management systems.

1. Project Manager

The project manager is accountable for schedule preparation and management but can delegate the three other roles to team members on the project. The project manager will work with the scheduler to plan the project by creating a project schedule. The project manager will also review schedule updates and develop mitigation strategies, if needed to get the project back on schedule.

2. Scheduler

The scheduler is responsible for creating the schedule, updating the schedule during project execution, and generating schedule reports for use by the project manager and project stakeholders. The schedule will be created using the selected scheduling tool and based on a schedule management plan, which will define how the schedule will be structured and used on the project. Schedule updates will be made using information collected by the field engineer/technicians and organized by the information management specialist. Schedule reports will be prepared in a format and at a frequency agreed to by the project manager and the project stakeholders.

3. Information Management Specialist

The information management specialist is responsible for developing and verifying processes and standards for field data collection, quality assurance, and quality control. For instance, the information management specialist would establish standard names for activities used in the data collection forms, field reports, and schedules. Standard processes would define what data would be collected, when it would be collected, and how it would be collected and reported. Independent verification of data accuracy would be built into the processes to maintain quality control.

4. Field Engineer/Technician

Field engineers or technicians are responsible for collecting accurate and timely data in accordance with defined processes and standards for field data collection, quality assurance, and quality control.

To minimize data entry errors, field engineers and technicians could be equipped with tablets to enter data directly into worksheets that could be imported into the schedule, after data accuracy verification is completed.

Field engineers and technicians could also be equipped with weekly and daily work plans, to help prioritize their data collection efforts.

Once roles and responsibilities are defined, project managers are encouraged to schedule a kickoff meeting with the individuals assigned to these roles to review responsibilities and set expectations for the project. Once the project is underway, periodic lessons learned meetings could be held to further clarify and update roles and responsibilities.

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