Why is your business called Renewable Projects?

The name Renewable Projects combines our desire to work for a more sustainable world with our passion for project leadership.

Where is your business located?

Renewable Projects is based in Boulder, Colorado

When did your business launch?

Renewable Projects was launched in 2017

How large is your business?

Renewable Projects LLC currently has one employee, Brian Vickers, who is the Founder and Principal Consultant. Depending on client needs, we will partner with other subject matter experts to work on projects.

Do you work with clients in a particular geographic area?

Renewable Projects is available to work with clients located throughout the United States. However, we are currently focused on project sites located in the Mountain Region. We can provide services remotely, at your offices, or on a project site.

What project management tools do you recommend?

Renewable Projects does not advocate a particular project management tool. Instead we work with you to identify your requirements and then recommend available tools that could meet those requirements.

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